The main focus of the workshop is precisely on today’s huge challenge of creating Customer Loyalty, analyzing Customer Management through a triple dimension: Creating Value, Communicating Value and Capturing that Value. The approach will be a very practical one: sharing with participants tools to help them decide when, why, with whom and how far does it make sense to go, in our efforts to create and develop Customer Loyalty.Customer Centricity vs. Comfort Zones

  • Being alert and prepared for challenges.
  • In what business are we?.

Sasser & Heskett’s Service Profit Chain: Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction in a sustainable way.

  • Practical differences between Retention, Loyalty y &  Vinculum (bond).
  • Keys of Customer Loyalty, Customer Satisfaction, and its relations with profitability
  • Transforming transactions into relations: the health of the relation. Desertion as a disease.
  • Root Causes and symptoms in desertion processes.
  • CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value) into practice.
  • Satisfaction Drivers and the effects to be expected from this (particular) kind of customer satisfaction.
  • Managing Perceptions and Expectations.
  • Why satisfaction isn’t enough?

Welcome to the Experience Economy:

  • Service commoditization in the last quarter of the XXth Century.
  • C. XXI: the Experience Economy (both in  B2B and B2C environments).
  • What does it takes, nowadays, to be perceived as the best possible option?.
  • How do you create an experience (craftsmanship of experiences).
  • Authenticity: a scarce resource.

Professor: Juan M Serrano

He teaches in Executive Programs at Tias Nimbas Business School (Tilburg University) in Holland. Tias Nimbas has been ranked by Financial Times as #1 Business School in Executive Programs in Holland, Belgium and Luxemburg. Last academic year (2009-2010), prof. Serrano has been awarded with the  Best Teacher Award at Tias Nimbas Business School, after being the highest ranked professor out of the five Master Programs.

In August 2011 he became the first Spaniard (and second in the entire Eurozone) to be recognized by Pine & Gilmore as an Experience Economy Certified Expert. Nowadays, there are only 25 Experience Economy Certified Experts in the World, outside North America.

He is a professor at the IEDC Business School [International Executive Development Center for Central and Eastern Europe], based in Bled (Slovenia), where he has been teaching -both at Executive Education Programs and in the MBA- the subjects of customer and employee satisfaction and loyalty since 1997.

Date & Schedule:

May,  18th 2012, from 16:00 hrs. to 20:00 hrs.

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